Thursday, July 19, 2012

Burger King Employee Stands on Lettuce: Busted by Internet

Dude, get your feet off my greensDude, get your feet off my greensEver feel like nothing is secret any more because of the Internet? You may be right. It took 4Chanusers only 15 minutes to track down and bust the Cleveland-area Burger King employee who stood on top of two containers of shredded lettuce and then posted a picture of the gross act. 4Chan is a bulletin board-type website where members post images and comments.
"This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King," wrote the unnamed employee on the evening of July 16. Guess he thought that was funny. Other users weren't laughing: according to Hypervocal.comAnonymous, the notorious vigilante hacking group, used GPS data embedded in the photo to locate the fast food restaurant's address and reportedly contacted the franchise and FoxNews8. "Whoever this is is getting fired," a morning shift manager named Andrea, told the Cleveland Scene.
Bryson W. Thornton, Director of Burger King's Global Communications, wrote in a statement to Yahoo! Shine:
"Burger King Corp. has recently been made aware of a photo that shows a BURGER KING® restaurant employee violating the company's stringent food handling procedures. Food safety is a top priority at all BURGER KING® restaurants and the company maintains a zero-tolerance policy against any violations such as the one in question. The restaurant where this photo was taken is independently-owned and operated by a BURGER KING® franchisee. The franchisee has taken swift action to investigate this matter and terminated the three employees involved in the incident."
Still, make mine a burger, but hold the lettuce.

Fishing store's name causing controversy

Jul 18, 2012 10:03 AM MDT
A new business catering to fisherman in the Town of Orange may end up having to close its doors. There's nothing wrong with their product, it's the silly name: the Orange County Master Bait Shop.
The shop was open for just 2 weeks and was the only bait shop in Orange when the complaint was made.
Owner Michael Declue has heard the complaints, but says he chose the name to be memorable. He also claims regardless of whatever innuendo people are suggesting, he's not changing it.
"People are taking the master and also the bait shop and combining them together into a word that's not actually spelled on our business name," said Declue.
In retaliation, Declue says someone unplugged his cooler full of live bait, and others have complained about it to town council. The topic came up at Monday night's meeting.
Still, the mayor of the town of Orange says he's glad the town has a new business. 

A Record 150,000 Condoms Will Be Handed Out At This Summer's Olympics

An article in ESPN's Body Issue revealed that the Olympic Village is basically one giant sex-fest.
US women's soccer player Hope Solo was especially vocal on the issue, claiming she slept with a celebrity (that she wouldn't name) and that people are having sex right out in the open... "On the grass, between buildings. People are getting down and dirty."
And the Olympic planners have apparently taken note that there is A LOT of sex going on because they are giving out a record 150,000 condoms to athletes, according to the Daily Mail.
At the last Olympics, there were 70,000 free condoms available, and well, that was not enough.
Have fun and stay safe everyone!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Man Pleads Guilty To Child Neglect, Drunk Driving After Strapping Kids To Hood Of Car
Aaron Stefanski
Aaron Stefanski, 29, pleaded guilty on Monday to charges of child neglect and driving under intoxication.
FORT WAYNE, Ind. — A northern Indiana man has pleaded guilty to several charges after driving three blocks with four children strapped to his car’s hood while he was intoxicated.
Twenty-nine-year-old Aaron Stefanski of Fort Wayne accepted a plea agreement with prosecutors Monday. Stefanski was arrested in May after someone called 911 saying he saw Stefanski use a tow strap to secure the children to the car’s hood and drive away.
The Journal Gazette reports ( ) that Stefanski pleaded guilty to child neglect and drunken driving charges and faces six months to three years in prison on each of the four felony counts when he’s sentenced Aug. 3.
Police say Stefanski told officers he thought the children ages 4 to 7 would enjoy the ride and that he was only driving around the corner.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Man Uses Blowtorch To Clear Spiderwebs, Sets House On Fire
The Associated Press
Eiliya Maida
Firefighters on the scene at the home of Eiliya Maida.
While "The Amazing Spider-Man" was red hot at the box office this weekend, just your average spiderweb caused a California homeowner to wreak $25,000 in damages to his home.
Early Saturday afternoon, Eiliya Maida had just finished using a propane-powered blowtorch to set fire to the cobwebs in the backyard of his home in Chico, Calif., theChico Enterprise Record reports.
All was well, until his brother-in-law noticed smoke coming from the attic.
Maida had inadvertently ignited nearby weeds as he was setting the webs on fire, Fire Division Chief Keith Carter told the Huffington Post. The fire spread to household equipment on the lawn before traveling up the outside wall and into the attic.
Maida had not noticed his home was burning until his brother-in-law saw the smoke, according to the Chico Enterprise Record.
Firefighters were able to quell the flames in around 5 to 10 minutes, and they also did not take long to figure out how the blaze had started.
"It was pretty evident," Carter said, because they saw a 5-gallon propane tank with a nozzle lying in the yard.
When firefighters questioned Maida, he quickly admitted what had happened.
Though the fire did about $25,000 worth of damage, the home was not lost. Only the attic suffered serious damage, according to Carter. However, fried electrical wiring has forced the family to move out, at least temporarily.
Carter said he had not heard of anyone using a blowtorch to clear spiderwebs before. However, he pointed out, many people do use blowtorches to burn up weeds and other unwanted plants.
This practice can be dangerous during the heat of summer, the fire chief warns. In Maida's case, the combination of high winds and 100-degree heat on Saturday created particularly hazardous conditions.
Carter does not recommend that anyone use a blowtorch to clear either weeds or cobwebs during the summer. It's "one of those common sense" things, he said.

Scientist names marine parasite after Bob Marley

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — A tiny blood-sucking parasite that infests fish on Caribbean coral reefs has been named after Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley.
Arkansas State University marine biologist Paul Sikkel discovered the parasite off the U.S. Virgin Islands a decade ago but it was only recently unveiled as "Gnathia marleyi" as an homage to the singer.
Sikkel says he dubbed the tiny crustacean due to his "respect and admiration" for Marley, who died in 1981.
The National Science Foundation says the creature is a new species within the family of gnathiids, parasites commonly found on coral reefs that are ecologically similar to blood-sucking ticks on land. It infests some fish that inhabit reefs of the shallow eastern Caribbean.
Celebrities such as comedian Stephen Colbert and singer Beyonce have had insects named after them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Octomom's Strip Tease: Playhouse South, T's Lounge Battle For Rights To Nadya Suleman In Court
The Huffington Post  |  By  

Two strip clubs are fighting over the right to naked Octomom's body.
Octomom's wobbly bits are all over the Internet -- now they're in court, too.
A Florida strip club that has been bragging that it secured the rights to the notorious baby-maker's first exotic dance performance is now asking a judge to throw the book at her because she wants to strip elsewhere, WPTV reported.
Nadya Suleman was slated to strip at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach this month. Her performance would coincide with the recent release of her first porn DVD,"Octomom: Home Alone."
She decided to blow off her contract just two days after signing it because a bartender talked about her children on TV, so she sent this text message through her representative:
"Dance gig is canceled after Michelle the manager or employee of club made comments about Nadya saying she is crazy etc and Nadya is now not doing that club ever," the rep wrote, according to WPTV.
She now plans to bare all at at The Playhouse South in Hollywood, which started a heated battle between club owners.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pacu, Testicle-Eating Fish Species, Caught In Lake Lou Yaeger In Illinois
The Huffington Post  |  By  Posted:  Updated: 07/07/2012 11:27 am
A close-up of the pacu caught in Lake Lou Yaeger in Illinois.
When biologists say the pacu fish eats nuts, they may be correct in more ways than one.
The pacu, a toothy fish that can weigh up to 55 pounds, has been spotted in Lake Lou Yaeger in Illinois, KSDK reports.
Responding to a report that a fisherman had reeled in a piranha on June 7, lake superintendent Jim Caldwell brought the fish to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, where it was identified as a pacu. Some reports say another pacu was seen a couple of weeks later.
Caldwell said he is still swimming in the lake nearly every day. Pacus primarily eat nuts, aquatic vegetation and snails, he told KDSK, and pose no real threat to humans.
Residents of Papua New Guinea may beg to differ. There, according to British fisherman Jeremy Wade, the pacu is known as the "ball cutter." In 2011, Wade said locals informed him that two fisherman had died from blood loss after something in the water had bitten off their testicles, according to the Metro.
"The locals told me that this thing was like a human in the water, biting at the testicles of fishermen," Wade said.
Wade determined that the perpetrator was the pacu, which is known for having human-like teeth. The angler did note that such attacks are uncommon, the Daily Mail reports.
Though pacus are native to the Amazon Basin, they were released into Papua New Guinea waters in the 1990s as part of an initiative to boost fisheries.
Biologists say any pacus in the Illinois lake are most likely former aquarium pets, according to the Journal-News.Anyone caught dumping the fish in the lake could face criminal charges.

Wayne Brady: 'I'll Gladly Slap The Sh*t Out Of Bill Maher' Over Obama Remark

Wayne Brady Bill Maher 
Wayne Brady's known for being the nice guy on TV shows like "Let's Make A Deal" and "Whose Line Is It Anyway," but he showed a decidedly different side when speaking to Aisha Tyler on her podcast, "Girl on Guy." 

In the interview, Brady takes issue with fellow comedian Bill Maher for repeatedly referring to President Obama as "your Wayne Brady," then slams Maher for his reputed preference in black women.

"That means it's a diss to Obama to be called me because he wants a brother brother," Brady said.
"Just because you f*ck black hookers, just because you had that particular black experience… I have to stop myself to getting into it because I realize the thing is if I had gone on his show, or even doing it online, I'm not going to win. Because as soon as you back off, he still has his platform to say whatever he wants to."

But Brady didn't stop there, alas. The 40-year-old Brady continued to deride the comedian for his remark, saying if Maher wanted to "know how black Wayne Brady is," he would "gladly slap the shit out of Bill Maher in front of Coco and Ebony and Fox, the three ladies of the night he has hired."

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dress Made Out of 50,000 Gummy Bears: Would You Wear It?

A designer dress that also satisfies our sweet tooth? Yes, please. This latest Alexander McQueen-inspired gown combines two of our very favorite things: fashion and candy. Made out of 50,000 gummy bears, the rainbow dress was handmade for TWELV Magazine's debut issue and weighs in at a hefty 220 pounds. It takes three people just to move the thing, so this is clearly not a dress you can go out dancing in.
How exactly is a gummy bear dress made? First, steel wire is twisted to create the shape of the dress, then the mold is covered with a sheet of vinyl, and finally each gummy bear is painstakingly glued on in a chevron rainbow pattern. No surprise it took three weeks to finish this elaborate gown.
We're guessing it would take a lot of will power to wear this dress and not snack on it. After all, there are 50,000 gummy bears to choose from. Who's going to notice one or two missing?