Saturday, December 14, 2013

Megyn Kelly doubles down on ‘white Santa’: I did it for the kids

By David Edwards
Friday, December 13, 2013 21:53 EST
Fox News host Megyn Kelly
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Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Friday lashed out at critics who she said had accused her and Fox News of being racist because she insisted that Santa Claus and Jesus Crist had to be white men.
On her Wednesday show, Kelly had pointed out Slate columnist’s Aisha Harris assertion that forcing Santa only to be white caused non-white children “insecurity and shame.”
“For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white,” Kelly said at the time. “But this person is just arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa. But Santa is what he is.”
“Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change, you know?” she added. “I mean, Jesus was a white man too. He was a historical figure, that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa — I just want the kids watching to know that.”
After Kelly sparked outraged on the Internet and became fodder late-night comics, she responded to the controversy on Friday.
“I offered a tongue-in-cheek message for any kids watching,” she explained. “Humor is a part of what we try to bring to this show, but sometimes that is lost on the humorless.”
“Many questioning whether I understand that Santa is a mythical figure, others’ suggesting that I am a racist who is outraged at the idea of a black Santa,” she continued. “Well, this would be funny if it were not so telling about our society, in particular the knee-jerk instinct by so may to race bait and to assume the worst in people. Especially people employed by the very powerful Fox News channel.”
But Kelly said that it was commercialism, not racism, that forced her to declare that Santa and Jesus were white men.
“Fox News and yours truly are big targets for many people,” she concluded.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Charlie Brown Does ‘Louie’

Good grief! Or, maybe just grief. Fox Animation Domination has taken the characters from A Charlie Brown Christmas, and given them Louie-style age, angst and surreal misery.

Stephen Colbert and Megyn Kelly Agree: Santa Is White

The Wrap 
Stephen Colbert has come to Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s defense, agreeing that not only is Santa Claus white, but Jesus was, too.
Kelly has been mocked for telling “all you kids watching” her Fox News show that Santa Claus is white, in response to a Slate piece arguing that Santa need not be an old white man. She also made the clumsy case that Jesus is white, too.
“Jesus was a white man too, but it’s like… He was a historical figure and that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa,” she said.
Colbert said on Thursday’s “Colbert Report” that he couldn’t agree more.
“Just look at any photo of Jesus. He was just your average, Aramaic speaking, first century, Middle Eastern white guy,” he said. “The only evidence I need are the sacred Dockers of Turin.”
Colbert said there were practical reasons there coudn’t be a black Santa.
“If a homeowner in Florida sees a black man coming down their chimney, he is going to get shot: ‘Officer, I was just defending my milk and cookies,’” he said.
Besides, he asked, how could Santa change his race? “Santa can’t just change colors. It’s not like he’s magic or anything,” Colbert noted.
Watch the video:
The Colbert Report
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miley's a "symbol of the way we live." Ummm, no

Miley Cyrus Makes Time's Person of the Year List

December 10, 2013
Time doesn't reveal its annual choice for Person of the Year until Wednesday, but the magazine did announce its Top Ten list featuring politicians, religious figures, business leaders and Miley Cyrus!
The singer's provocative twerking performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards in August has managed to keep her in the news and Time managing editor Nancy Gibbs explained on the Todayshow why the publication decided to put her on the list
"Power is not just political. It can be cultural, it can be spiritual," Gibbs said, adding that Cyrus "came in like a wrecking ball, literally," referring to her hit single Wrecking Ball. "At a time when you're living with an explosion of exhibitionism since we all now carry cameras with us at all times, she is a symbol of the way we live."